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Add News Gh

ADDITIONAL NEWS GH (ADD NEWS GH) is Ghana’s Alternative news portal that is poised to change the perspective of our news and media industry forever. ADD NEWS GH – YOUR BEST EDUCATIVE NEWS PORTAL.


Weekly quotes by the Master Coach, Mr. James Kwesi Addison helps to inform the public on matters of emotional intelligence.

EI National Dialoque

EI National Dialoque seeks to bring together prominent political leaders in diverse fields to deliberate on how to inculcate EI into politics for the development of the society.

Addison's Candle Group

This is a group of young adult that will be mentored and equipped for leadership and life success by James Kwesi Akyer Ayipeh Addison, Ghana’s first internationally qualified emotional intelligence coach...

EI Television

Welcome to the 'Emotional Intelligence TV' (EI-TV) This is the African’s premier online television dedicated to building emotional capital and championing the fight against emotional abuse across the globe.

EI Conference

This is a yearly conference held to bring various leaders around the globe to interact with students and the youth to discuss matters on development using emotional...



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Senior partner, CEO

James Kwesi Addison

JAMES KWESI ADDISON (THE MASTER TRAINER – CERTIFIED EQ COACH) James Kwesi Addison is an experienced International Social Developer, Innovator and a Chief Executive Officer, who holds executive and trustee positions across a range of public, private and not-for-profit entities within Ghana.

He founded Ghana's first dedicated Center for Emotional Intelligence, ‘Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence’ (AICEI) and also Ghana's first internationally qualified Emotional Intelligence Master Coach facilitated by the ClearPoint Leadership Strategy now the EQ Development Group on behalf of the Multi-Health Systems Incorporated, Canada.

James Kwesi Addison has earned a reputation as an efficient leader who has impacted significantly through effective governance and growth with educational management and industry since 2014.

He holds two Master's Degree from the University of Cape Coast and the Coventry University in the United Kingdom. He is also a visiting lecturer for a number of West African and European higher education institutions.

He is the host of the Emotional Intelligence Africa Summit, and the CEO of Emotional Intelligence TV (EI- TV) and Add News Gh.

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